Teen Resource Activity Center

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Teen Resource Activity Center (TRAC) has been a safe haven for adolescents in Poughkeepsie since 1999. Now serving more than 200 teens each year, TRAC offers a free, supervised place for youth to come afterschool at the Family Partnership Center. Here youth engage in basketball or performing arts, eat a nutritious dinner, and relax with friends, all while gaining exposure to positive adult role models. 

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The two main objectives are:

1) Keep local youth safe during critical afterschool hours: TRAC is a significant resource for at-risk youth, who come from neighborhoods in Poughkeepsie that are gang-ridden and under-resourced. Serving youth ages 13-18, TRAC operates from 3:30 to 8:30 PM, from Monday to Thursday. Since violent juvenile crime is far more likely between the hours of 3:00 to 7:00 PM, TRAC strives to keep youth safe and off of the streets during these hours. Compared to other local afterschool programs, TRAC’s timeframe provides considerably longer hours of supervision, and therefore decreases the likelihood that youth will engage in gangs, substance abuse, and other violent activity.

2) Enable economically disadvantaged youth to become resilient and self-reliant adults. While at TRAC, youth play basketball and dance, gain academic support from volunteer tutors, and participate in healthy living workshops throughout the year. In the summer, TRAC youth partake in the Summer Youth Employment Program, receiving training and paid job placements in the neighborhood. Through it all, Family Services staff and volunteers mentor and coach youth and promote healthy adult-student relationships. Youth need positive adult role models in order to make healthy decisions and become self-reliant adults; research shows that the quality of relationships with parents or, importantly, other community members can influence positive behavioral choices. Many TRAC youth have unstable home lives or other adverse life experiences and their participation in TRAC allows them to form relationships with trusted adults.