Victim Services

The following checklist can help you answer this question.

Does the other person…

  • Put you down or call you bad names?
  • Shove, slap, or hit you?
  • Isolate you from family and friends by controlling what you do, who you talk to, and where you go?
  • Make all the decisions without asking you or letting you have a say?
  • Control all the money, including yours?
  • Control your access to transportation?
  • Accuse you of flirting or cheating with another person?
  • Tell you you’re a bad parent or threaten to take away or hurt your children?
  • Withhold medication or equipment you need every day, such as eyeglasses, hearing aid, or wheelchair?
  • Force you to have sex when you don’t want to?
  • Destroy your property or threaten to harm your pets or service animals?
  • Intimidate you with guns, knives, or other weapons?
  • Threaten to kill you or themselves?
  • Act like the abuse is no big deal, it’s your fault, or even deny doing it?

If you checked even one of these, you may be in an abusive relationship.  If you’d like more information or you need help, you can call us at (845) 485-5550.