Family Education Program


Family Education Program Brochure

The Family Education Program provides home-based and group-based parenting education to families in Ulster County, NY. We strive to strengthen and support families by "meeting them where they are at" and enhancing their nurturing skills. Family Educators offer home visits with parents and children at times that are conducive for learning. We provide supportive modeling and coaching of effective parenting skills, using a variety of resources, including the evidence-based Nurturing Parenting Program curriculum. Family Educators offer assistance with accessing community resources and securing concrete needs. We also offer several parenting groups through out the year, including the nationally acclaimed Parenting Journey I. The education and support that the Family Education Program provides, helps families to: Enjoy being together, lower stress levels, increase children cooperation, discipline without yelling or hitting and promote healthy communication for all family members.

Eligibility requirements: Must have an open case with Ulster County Department of Social Services Children and Family Unit.

Contact for information: 845-331-5641